Guilty pleasures. We've all got 'em . Those little habits that aren't incredibly harmful, but too much fun to quit. Like a little whipped cream on top of your morning latte because no one is watching or belting out every lyric of a throwback rap song once you drop the kids off at school. Man, I love a good guilty pleasure indulgence. And I think that they are good for the soul.

Whether it is the day to day stressors on your mind or just the overwhelming amount of bad news that comes across all platforms constantly, it's nice to have a little moment that's reserved for escaping it all. We spend so much time aiming to be so good and so perfect when in reality there is so much bad and nasty out there trying to drag us down. Especially in Janurary. Stick to the diet. Find the perfect fitness routine. Limit screen time, limit spending, limit frivoloty. Now this is not to say that these aren't key components to becoming the healthiest versions of ourselves (crucial to being good parents!), it's just that all this restraint turns us into really pent up "good people" who are just one bad day away from lashing out and throwing all our progress out the window. A healthy lifestyle has to include living. So, I vote to enjoy all things in moderation, strive to be the best version of yourself, but let a little naughtiness in to release the pressure! Find your guilty pleasure and just own it.

For me, it's ABC's powerhouse franchise, "The Bachelor" and all its spin-off series glory that I just can't quit. I don't know if it's even responsible for me to like this show anymore amid the current era of female empowerment, but here we are at the start of another season and here I am just waiting to put the kids to bed and hit play on the DVR. Is it right to watch thirty predictably gorgeous women vie for the heart of one eligible bachelor while producer prompted drama ensues and (usually) a few good fashion moments and travel goals play out? Probably not. But after a long day of trying to be so good, so patient, so present and so ahead of the game, my guilty pleasure lets me kick back for an hour and sets me up for the week ahead. So pass me a glass of champs and a good face mask, "The Bachelor" is back and I'll be indulging all season long: guilt free.