It's the first Friday of 2019, but would you believe me if I told you it's also the first NICE Friday of the year? You know you're from Michigan if 48 degree weather calls for opening up the house and letting the fresh air in. We all have on socks and an extra layer of clothing. We'll be fine. Anyway, the first Friday of the year also calls for the first Friday Favorites of the year! It's 2019, we're in bold, new frontier. Here are the things that I'm loving this week.

Favorite Space
2018 was so hectic for us. Between settling into a new school, new area and welcoming a new baby, we didn't get to focus on house projects the way that I dreamed we would the first year in our new house. I'm hoping that 2019 allows us to make room for some of the projects that I have up my sleeves (or "Investments that we're making to our home to increase the value," as I like to refer to them to my husband). Here's a glimpse at our gal, Violet's, room in our old house and I do miss it since this was her first room and nursery. It still gives me all sorts of inspiration for her new, "big girl" space.

(image via Summer Fridays)

Favorite Beauty
I am in serious need of changing up my skincare routine. It's the first time I haven't been pregnant in 4 years and I feel like my old products have started to boycott against me. This face mask/moisturizer/primer/elixir from heaven gets rave reviews, it green & clean and cruelty free. It's been in my cart for too long and I think this is the season to give it a whirl.

Favorite Shoes
Much like a handbag, I feel that I usually wind up with a pair of shoes that becomes the star of the season. I purchased these little oldies last winter on super sale, but really didn't start giving them their moment until the past month or so and now, let's face it, I probably wear them TOO much. I found a similar pair on sale at Macy's (here) and, although sizes are limited, another super similar pair for a steal at Target (here).

(image via Netflix)

Favorite Show
My husband and I are working our way through "7 Days Out," the six-part documentary series that follows the week leading up to major cultural events (think restaurant opening, space mission, couture fashion show) and so far it's great! The episode on the Westminster Dog Show DID inspire us to watch Christopher Guest's "Best in Show" immediately following, but we got our culture AND our laughs that way, so I'm not complaining.

(image via Pinterest)

Favorite Pick-Me-Up
Lastly, a little passage from one of my favorite writers to serve up some New Year's inspiration as we step fully into 2019.