With school cancelled for an "ice day" on Wednesday and a long weekend already on the books to observe MLK day, we ended up with a random mid-winter, week-long vacation this week and it's just what we needed! The grand finale comes tonight with a big snow storm anticipated, so I'm hoping to end a week of arts, crafts, baking and snuggles with a snowball fight tomorrow morning. Here are the things I'm loving this week:

Photo via madebymary.com
Favorite Little Necklace: I love the symbology of evergreen trees. I love that they are unbending in the storm and that they remain tall and strong even in the coldest times. I love that they take warmth and strength from within to remain green when everything around them is grey. This is the sweetest handmade necklace and I think it's the perfect tiny reminder of the strength we have within or would also be a lovely gift to give someone going through a tough season. Definitely on my wish list.

Favorite Accessory: I recently did a little chop job on my hair and I forsee a collection of knotted headbands like this one being a part of my winter, spring and summer wardrobe to complement the new style. I love the luxe, velvet texture for winter, but am looking forward to hunting down a few warm weather styles (like a sweet blue and white striped cotton version?) for when the weather breaks. Besides a great hat, can you think of a better pairing with dry shampoo to help make #momlife a little more stylish and fun?

Photo via acozykitchen.com
Favorite Sweet Treat: With Valentine's Day less than a month away, I'm looking for a new recipe to try making with the kids for a little celebration that we will have at home. I want to try something different & a little unique instead of taking the heart shaped sugar cookie route and these chocolate buttermilk biscuits sound like a gooooood excuse to have dessert for breakfast on Valentine's Day.

Photo via chicwish.com
Favorite Festive Sweater: Speaking of Valentine's Day, I think that this sweater is probably one of the cutest things going if you are looking to get a little festive for the holiday. Full disclosure, I wasn't a big Valentine's Day person until I met Kyle (cue: awwwww), but the holiday got even MORE saccharine sweet once we started having kids. To me, there is nothing I love more than making things into a celebration for my babies and they make even the littlest things feel like a reason to celebrate. Sure, a sweater with heart patches might be a little campy, but my kids will get a kick out of it. And hey, if "camp" is good enough for the Met Gala then it's good enough for me.

Photo via jomalone.com
Favorite Fragrance: I decided that my long-time favorite fragrance deserves a moment in the spotlight this week. My favorite London based brand, Jo Malone, is behind Wood Sage and Sea Salt which is listed as a unisex cologne, but to me is the perfect blend of fresh & woodsy scents without being masculine at all. The fragrances from this brand are designed to be layered, but I love to spritz this one on solo after a nice, hot shower or before heading to an evening out. I don't care for heavy fragrances and I find this one to be perfectly light. For me, a little goes a long way and I have used the same bottle for the last few years.