Alright, the truth is that this particular pair of flare denim has been hiding in my closet since well over four babies ago, but when I saw the trend start creeping back into the sartorial now, I had to dust them off and take them for a spin. And while they might not hug in all the right places the way they used to, the styling options are so fresh that I'm rolling with it and giving myself grace plus an excuse to shop for an updated pair. If you are channeling your inner Joanna Gaines or just looking to give your ankles a breather after years of skinny jean suffocation, there are really great options at a variety of price points available.

The trend isn't so forward that it feels intimidating and it isn't SUCH a throwback to our youth (a la The Return of The 90s Everything) that it still feels relatable and doable. You can take the classic, tucked-in route pairing a button up oxford or plaid shirt with a leather belt, a vintage take with a band tee and handkerchief tied in your hair or wait for warmer days and pair the cropped version with a peasant blouse which feels just the right amount of boho without veering into twee, costume territory.

If denim is a way of life for you, as it is for me, and you're looking for an easy update for your weekend wardrobe and beyond, check out the selection of flares below. Links are included under pictures. Happy shopping!