I'm so excited about today's gift guide because all the items are hand selected and 100% great-guy approved by my favorite "him" ever- my husband, Kyle! I was glad to have his help with this one because it is my personal opinion that men are more difficult to shop for than women. I'm serious! Men's gifts tend to be either way too practical to be fun OR way too gimmicky to be tasteful. I have truly never come across a Men's Gift Guide that featured things I would ACTUALLY buy for my husband. So, I'm glad to have a list of items that someone I trust would genuinely love to receive. Whether you're shopping for your dad, your brother-in-law, your best friend or your significant other, trust me when I say that there is something for you in this guide.

1. PlayStation Virtual Reality: The next generation of technology has arrived and for the guy who is into tech and gaming, this VR System has one of the best rankings out there.
2. Northface E-tip Gloves: Perfect for those of you who live in an Arctic tundra half of the year like I do, these gloves blend functionality with style to allow your guy to send you love notes even on the coldest days (or to read the text you sent reminding him to bring home more hot cocoa).
3. Nomad Rugged iPhone Case: Durable and stylish without being overtly trendy, this case works and won't need to be constantly replaced.
4. Ray Ban Wayfarer: Another timeless classic, these sunglasses are flattering on every face shape (making them even better for "borrowing") and add the perfect dash of devil may care attitude to any look- even your Dad's favorite Lee jeans/sweater combo that he'll be wearing at your family party.
5. Gentleman Jon Shaving Kit: An old-fashioned shave kit is a cool artisan gift to give that is not only practical, but also looks great on display. This brand really gives you the best and most well-rounded assortment of shaving accessories for the price, so you really get more bang for your buck out of this one.
6. Farm Field Table: For my Michigan friends, this is a local butcher that supplies meat to some of the best restaurants across the state, but you can also buy fresh cuts to prepare in your own kitchen. The quality is outstanding and if you know a guy who loves to be in the kitchen as much as my husband does, this is a really unique and thoughtful gift.
7. Instashiatsu Foot Massager: Let's be honest- this foot massager, much like the Wayfarers, will be the gift that keeps on giving (right back to me) if it finds its way under my tree this year.
8. Brooklyn Brew Beer Making Kit: If one of the guys in your life is into craft beer, this is a cool way to turn his interest into a hobby. Follow up the gift with giving the gift of time and sampling the results over a movie night in after the holidays.
9. Gentlemen's Hardware Credit Card Tool: It's the modern version of a Swiss Army knife and SO much easier to carry around! Featuring a screwdriver, bottle opener and mini saw, this would make a fun and functional stocking stuffer.
10. Jabra Elite 65T: As far as wireless earbuds go, this pair is highly rated for having great sound quality and durability. These are a great gift for the music loving, podcast loving and tech loving guys in your life.