We made it to the last day of 2018! It's a miserably wet, cold day here making it the perfect weather to snuggle up and reflect on the newest crop of memories made and dream of the days that lie ahead in 2019. Since no one is making it to see the ball drop at midnight tonight (let's face it, this includes a 9 p.m. bedtime for me too), we had a little "Noon Year's Eve" party this afternoon with the kids and celebrated a fresh start at the same time that they celebrated 2019's entrance in China.

I try not to make too many resolutions because, for me, they tend to fizzle out before Valentine's Day chocolates are devoured. So fitness, healthy eating, less screen time...those are all lifestyle changes that we try to continue incorporating throughout the year by testing new recipes and adding them to the weekly rotation if they become favorites and finding fun ways to get our wiggles out as a family season after season.

I DO like to start the new year with a phrase or motto in mind and this year I'll stick with one that has been a favorite for awhile: "Have courage and be kind." From the 2015 version of Cinderella, this saying proves that sometimes simple says it best and as I approach the new year I'd like to do so with insecurities in the rear-view mirror and empathy available, always. You never know what someone is going through after all. For every friend you know that had their "best year ever," you may have one quietly suffering through their toughest season yet. For every person in your life who found "success" in their personal, professional, entrepreneurial, or even just their social media-curated version of life, you probably have one who is afraid to turn a dream into a goal. A little consideration for the fact that everyone is walking along their own path on their own timeline as well as the guts to take personal risks and finish projects that were started in 2018 are my M.O. as we step into another new year, together.

Happy New Year, friends!

Sweet Louise & Company