There are a couple things that belong to my husband that I love to borrow: his phone charger (sorry babe- I can't find mine!), his shaving cream (I find the scent to be far superior to "Ra-ra-raspberry") and his flannels. Once you get used to the buttons being backward, I think you will find that the styling opportunities with men's flannels are endless and they have a few advantages over the women's varieties. While the cut might feel intimidating because it's a little more masculine, if you pair it with items already in your closet (and your own beautiful personality), I think you will find that they fit juuuuuust right.

1. They are warmer. Seriously, I think men's clothing is designed with functionality in mind first and while I love to put together a cute look any day of the week, I live in Michigan where frigid is an understatement once the first snowflakes fall. I actually need to be WARM in my cold weather looks and it's true that a men's flannel delivers where sometimes a women's design just doesn't make the cut.

2. They are naturally oversized. I like wearing oversized silhouettes. Are we still referring to this as "boho?" Either way, I find that most pieces that are designed to be oversized come with a price tag to match. The cool thing about buying a men's flannel is that you are paying for the regular old thing, but since men's clothing is cut differently it will be oversized naturally. Think more length and roomier sleeves. If you are worried about boxiness, style the flannel around your waist, tuck it into some high waisted denim or layer with a jacket that has a nipped in waist. Presto, boho chic on a dime. And at home? They make the BEST lounge wear.

3. They are timeless classics. When it comes to print, scale and colors, men's items usually tend to stick to the classics whereas women's designers love to play with the latest trends. Now that's not to say you can't find a classic in the women's section or that you shouldn't indulge in a trendy colorway or embellishment this year, BUT if you want an item at the right price that you can wear season after season it's a sure thing you will find one where the boys shop.

How are you styling flannels this season? Whether you swipe one from "his" closet or buy one for yourself, I think this is a fun way to borrow from the boys!