We're a week out from Thanksgiving and that feeling has set in...the one where even though it's the most wonderful time of the year I start to panic about creating "THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER" for my family. I got out my planner the other day and plotted out our holiday activities (the cookie baking, gingerbread house making, holiday festival attending, twinkle light viewing, perfect picture getting, meeting Santa Claus kind of activities). And then the lists. The lists! The gift lists, the errands lists, the decorating lists...the to-do list that are the conductor's sheet music to said "BEST CHRISTMAS EVER." And I'll admit that I love the hustle and bustle. I love that our weekends are filled with things that keep my family close and bring joy to my kids, but it's so easy to spend SO much time and effort planning perfection that you overextend yourself and forget to stop and soak each moment in.

It's like motherhood in general; I'm continuously learning that I cannot do it all at once. If my house is perfectly cleaned, then my children probably hung out with their electronic babysitters a little longer that day. If I spend the whole morning building lego cities and reading books with my babies, there will probably be dishes in the sink and an extra load of laundry (or 5) tomorrow. Chasing perfection is exhausting, during the holidays and otherwise, but I find that the more I focus on the present moment, the closer I get to being perfect at what I'm doing right then and there. And if we can only be "perfect" at one thing at a time, then the lists can get a little shorter to make way for snuggling and the camera can be put away to spend more time looking at the real life magic right before our eyes.