We're soaking up every last bit of Halloween that we can since, let's face it, on Thursday all the black and orange is coming down! Between a couple viewings of our favorite Halloween movies ('Spookley the Square Pumpkin' for the kids, 'Young Frankenstein' for Kyle and me), the activities we did and the treats we enjoyed it was certainly a fun Halloweekend.

On Saturday we bundled up and braved the inclement weather heading to the pumpkin patch with my sweet in-laws. Although there were a few hiccups (lots of rain, forgotten jackets at home, a picked over patch) the kids still had a ton of fun even though things don't go according to an exact plan. As always, they end up giving me so much perspective in the littlest ways. We found our perfect pumpkins, enjoyed some cider and donuts and caramel apples and my mother-in-law even got a picture of my whole family looking at the camera. Now THAT is a holiday miracle!

On Sunday we put on some Halloween music (honestly, it's a short playlist) and carved our jack-o-laterns. I told Kyle that I should have saved some of the pumpkin guts to make a homemade face mask because there are so many skin benefits in pumpkin (picture it now). Alas, we just focused on carving a spider for Jack and a cat for Violet. Henry and Max remained ambivalent and focused on the snacks. I'll pop some pictures up before the week is over, but for now here are some pumpkins that we painted last year. Painting pumpkins is such a fun alternative to carving, especially if you have little ones who aren't quite ready to wield a knife.

We have a couple tricks and treats left up our sleeves for the week and I'm excited to get everyone in their costumes one last time for class parties and candy collecting. Do you have any fun Halloween plans this week?