The fact that it's already Monday and there's only one weekend left in October is kind of blowing my mind. We've made it through most of our Fall bucket list already, but you better believe this coming weekend will be packed with a few more activities (like the pumpkin patch) before the main event: Halloween!

We had a lot of fun this past weekend too. We made it to Canterbury Village for "Trunk-or-Treating" and hot apple cider with the kids on Saturday. My one piece of unwarranted advice to any new parent would be to plan for as many costumed/trick-or-treating/Halloween events as possible. 1. You've already spent the time or the money to put together the costume. Only getting one use out of it would be tragic. 2. If you only plan to do the costume on Halloween night, it's almost 100% certain that your child will be having a rough day or it will be hailing or you yourself will come down with the bubonic plague and you'll miss your shot for the perfect photo op and fun. 3. More activities = more opportunities for you to stock up on Reese's for yourself from your kid's haul. I'm an expert in regards to the latter point.

Sunday was a perfect mix of Fall and family. We stayed cozy, watched football, devoted some time to making homemade Chicken and Wild Rice soup and caught up on snuggles and rest. I always try to make self-care a priority on the weekends, so I made time for a little at home manicure on Sunday too. My favorite trick? I paint one hand during the kids' naptime and the other after they go to bed at night so that I'm always free to grab snacks, pull up pants or pop on PJ Masks without major smudge risk (#multitasking). Pro-tip: if you try this method don't run any errands in between hands to avoid strange stares at your half done manicure (OR commit to this being your "new look" and own it).

Nothing like a fulfilling weekend to help motivate for the week ahead! I'll be bringing some fun Halloween things to the blog this week as we round out the month. What are you doing this week to get ready for the holiday?