Fall really is the beginning of such a magical time of the year, isn't it? It seems to me like my calendar fills up so quickly as soon as the leaves start turning, but with most of the obligations being celebratory, Fall just feels FESTIVE. With festivities come a rotating door of decorations to pull together since the holidays are really lined up back to back to back and that can add up pretty quickly. I know I'm not the only one who gets sucked down the rabbit hole at Target where every item is perfectly priced to reasonably "just throw in the cart!"- that is, until I have a cart filled with 25+ "perfectly priced" items.

I was flipping through a few catalogs and scrolling Pinterest and I kept stumbling upon fun silhouette vinyls to decorate the walls for Halloween (think flying witches, spider webs, bats, etc). I like that this is a slightly more subtle twist on spooky decor. Determined to stray from my usual decorating/spending habits, I grabbed the scissors, $0.69 worth of black poster board and a quick Google search for "free bat template." In about 15 minutes I had updated my entryway for October! In fact with the small white pumpkins costing only $0.69 each at Trader Joe's (and the rest of the items being things I already own and use on my entryway table), the entire update cost less than $4.00! No tricks, THAT'S a treat. Happy Haunting!