I am here to provide a list of my very favorite spooky (not scary) movies that you need to watch annually if you have a pulse and it's October. They are spooky (not scary) NOT because I have small children, but because I am infantile myself and do not enjoy true horror films. I do not have the constitution for them. I watch one and I will actually lose sleep for weeks. No 'It,' no 'Annabelle,' no thank you. I make the exception with one or two Hitchcock movies every year because no one beats his mastery of suspense (and there was so much less gore in the classics). So that being said...drumroll please....my list of Spooky (not Scary) movies in no particular order:

1. 'Hocus Pocus': I was born in the late 80s, grew up in the 90s and, frankly, if you haven't watched this movie every year since you can remember Halloween then I don't think you will find me all that relatable. This movie just makes me feel like it's Halloween. I love everything about it except for the fact that the cat's name is THACKERY and not ZACHARY. That is more unbelievable than the premise of three fabulous witches coming back from the dead to collect eternal youth. I love you, SJP. I love you, Bette Midler. Nothing beats the mid-movie song and dance moment and you know it.

2. 'The Addams Family': Another classic for those raised in the 90s, the dark humor and sarcasm in this movie just get better the older I get. The casting director nailed it with this one; Angelica Houston is Halloween #beautygoals and Christina Ricci brings out the evil little sister in all of us with her turn as the macabre Wednesday Addams. It's dark and strange and funny all at the same time and I love it. I can't tell if my kids will like this movie one day or just roll their eyes and tell me it's too weird.

3. 'Clue': The "original" Murder Mystery party, this whodunnit movie is solid gold in the comedy arena. It's the perfect mix of high-energy dialogue, slapstick comedy, campiness and Tim Curry. I don't think anyone has turned a board game into a movie I love more. Ok, I don't think anyone has turned another board game into a movie. But either way, this one stands the test of time and is just FUN to watch. Bonus points if you can turn the viewing into your own Murder Mystery dinner complete with costumes (extra points if you can incorporate all those great coats the women wear).

4. 'Ghostbusters': I don't care how dated the graphics are, I don't care how silly some of the plot-line is, Ghostbusters is a must watch during the Halloween season at our house. Isn't this the movie that introduced you to Bill Murray aka the kooky uncle of our generation? I stayed at the Biltmore a few years ago on a work trip and kept my eye out for Slimer the entire time.

5. 'The Nightmare Before Christmas': It's a mash-up of two of the best holidays, the songs are catchy, the characters are iconic and Tim Burton is at the helm of this one. I actually thought this movie would be way too scary for my little ones, but my daughter is beyond obsessed with Jack Skellington and Sally (she far prefers them to any Disney princess, she was a skeleton for Halloween last year and is essentially the next Helena Bonham Carter) so this one is a must watch in our house.

6. 'Casper': Wait, did they only make fun Halloween movies in the 90s? I grew up with this one as a holiday staple and loved it mostly because Christina Ricci was the coolest and Devon Sawa was a dream boat (spoiler alert: Devon Sawa peaked in the 90s).

Do you watch these movies or do you love the thrill of a REAL scare? Am I missing any of your favorites? Grab your popcorn and sound off in the comments below!