Today marks one of my very favorite days to celebrate (and I LOVE reasons to celebrate) because today is my wedding anniversary! When Kyle proposed five years ago, I was beyond certain that I would be a June bride. I had the idea in my head (I blame too many viewings of 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.' Yes, my love for musical theater runs deep) and was so excited to plan our Summer wedding. Our color story was easy to choose (blush and bashful, haha) and Baby's Breath would accent the day like little clouds in a Summer sky. We knew we wanted the event to feel like a destination wedding without a HUGE travel commitment for many if we could help it and both immediately fell in love with the sweeping hills, stunning lake views, charming barn and winding vineyard paths of Ciccone Vineyards in Suttons Bay, MI. The place looked gorgeous in the summer sun and I would be a bride in June of 2014.

Well, through a series of unexpected events that I like to call LIFE we ended up welcoming our first little guy, Jack, only one day before our original wedding date (I would be hard pressed to find a more wonderful surprise in this lifetime if I tried) and we were lucky enough to be able to move our date to October 4th at the exact same venue with our whole team intact.

Keeping in the theme of surprises, Jack wasn't the first wedding surprise we had. With Fall came uncertain Michigan weather (read: it was the coldest and rainiest October in the history of Octobers), a scramble for umbrellas, a Plan B ceremony set up that quickly became a Plan A, a florist shop with a whole in the ceiling and a flood on the floor, a manicurist who didn't have the perfect shade on hand (mine was sitting back at the condo in my luggage) and last minute rentals of enough space heaters to warm a party of 150 in a drafty, spacious barn. But the thing is, all the things that went "wrong" quickly became the most memorable parts of the day. I couldn't imagine getting married in any season other than my very favorite one (I just love Autumn). And if I thought the vineyard was gorgeous in the Summer sun, I wasn't prepared for how perfectly moody, romantic and stunning it would be under cloudy skies and rain.

The day did not go off without a hitch, but we ended it hitched and when I look back I wouldn't change a single thing even if I could. I ended up married to the guy who still makes me heart beat faster four years later and helps me believe in the sun, even when it's not shining. Happy Anniversary, DK!