My favorite time of year is here! I know there are many others who, like me, feel completely renewed and excited for the return of crisp weather, cozy layers and finding reasons to celebrate the season. I love that October 1st feels like the official kick off to the holidays (I'm a major holiday gal) and since I personally prefer cool weather, I am back in my element once this day arrives. I find that in autumn I am much more intentional with my time since there are so many great activities to pack into such a short season. A few things that we do as a family feel so integral to a "successful" Fall, that I can't miss out on a single one! I took some inspiration from a friend who made a fun bucket list for Summer with her husband and sweet kiddos and compiled a list of all my "must-do" activities to help make sure I'm soaking up every last drop of Fall.

1. Head to the orchard for apple pickin'.
Westview and Blake's are my two personal favorites for those in the Metro Detroit area. My oldest little guy and I are headed there for a field trip this week, so we get to to cross one item off the list right away!
2. Bake an apple pie with our haul.
The pie pictured is one that I made a couple of years ago and I'm planning to recreate something similar this year to take to my in-laws for family dinner.
3. Celebrate our wedding anniversary.
Through a series of unexpected events all those years ago, we ended up moving our wedding from June to October and once the day arrived I wondered why I ever started planning to have it in any other season.
4. Decorate the porch for the season.
I'm thinking white pumpkins, yellow mums, a cotton wreath and some black lanterns?
5. Hot apple cider, warm blankets and Halloween movies.
Confession- I keep my "scary" movies light. I am NOT a fan of true horror films. I just can't do it! My list of favorites for the season include 'Hocus Pocus,' 'Casper,' 'The Addams Family,' and 'Clue.' The exception being any Hitchcock film because there's nothing quite like the suspense of the classics. I'll torture myself with sitting through the fear of 'Psycho' and 'Rear Window'- two of the best.
6. Pumpkin Patch with the whole gang.
I love taking our babes for a hayride and Fall fun at Blake's to gather our pumpkins before carving jack-o-lanterns.
7. Pick out Halloween costumes.
I always have grand visions of hilarious/amazing/Pinterest-worthy themed family costumes, but in all reality I want my kids to have the memory of getting to dress up in the costume they truly wanted each Halloween. And they usually surprise me with some pretty great ideas. I can't wait to see what they pick this year!
8. The Boo Bash/Halloween Parade in Lake Orion.
I stumbled across which featured quite a few activities near us and since we are still new to the area it is a great resource to find age appropriate, seasonal activities perfect for our little ones!
9. Cider and Donuts.
It wouldn't be Fall without Yate's fresh cider and warm donuts. I'm drooling just thinking about it. I think we'll pick some up during peak colors and take a drive to enjoy just how gorgeous Michigan is when the leaves change.
10. Test some new recipes.
Roasts, soups, chilis, pumpkin-goodness. I look forward to this time of year for bringing back comforting flavors (both savory and sweet) and trying them in new recipes. I especially love anything I can cook slowly throughout the day to fill our home with delicious smells while the football game is on. Hey, eventually I'll find SOMETHING my preschoolers will enjoy eating, right?!
11. Binge a great TV show.
This is the perfect time of year to use naptimes for catching up on a TV series or reading a new book. I'm going old school and watching 'Gilmore Girls' this Autumn because it is the perfect match for a hot cup of coffee and quiet, rest time.

What's on your Fall bucket list?