Over the weekend we had a little adventure at the zoo and checked out the Dinosaur exhibit. You read that right! Dinosauria comes to the Detroit Zoo every few years and they have these animatronic dinosaurs staged throughout a little forest setting and to be honest, they do a great job! We took the whole gang through and it was a total blast.

Jack obviously loved it since he’s into animals of all types right now- extinct and otherwise. Violet, always the skeptic, was a little nervous. Even once we explained how things worked, she tiptoed through the exhibit with an air of caution that she usually reserves for new textures on her bare feet. The real magic, however, was watching our 1 ½ year old, Henry, as he held my hand and walked the path of the exhibit stopping to observe each creature with as much delight as if he were within arms’ reach of living, breathing exotic animals. He giggled when the machines moved their larger than life heads, squirted water toward him and roared through the mist in the little makeshift rainforest.

It got me thinking, what would the world be like if we looked at things with the wonder our little people do? What if we spent a little more time with our eyes up and wide instead of zoned out with exhaustion by the end of the day? The person in line in front of us at the coffee shop could be a great conversationalist instead of just someone in our way as we head to work. A weeknight at home could become a memorable date night in if we look for opportunities to surprise one another. For an extinct species, those dinosaurs provided a relevant reminder. Oh, we’re here to teach them, but sometimes the lessons I learn from my little ones are priceless.