We’re starting to get ideas together for our oldest babe’s 4th birthday party in mid-June. 4th birthday?! How is this possible?!

This year Jack is about all things SEA CREATURES. At this point, I honestly feel like I’m 20,000 leagues under the sea on a daily basis and I can name more deep sea creatures than I would have guessed possible if you asked me at age 25. You can check out the “Celebrate” board on my Pinterest page (@sweetlouiseandco) to see some ideas I’m kicking around for the bash. But for now, I wanted to start with a little trip down memory lane to showcase how we’ve celebrated over the past few years.

Last Summer, Jack turned 3 and was into Disney’s Cars in a major way (sidenote, it took becoming a momma to understand how fast and hard toddlers hold onto their obsession of the moment. Like me with the wedge sneaker trend in 2013). It was perfect timing because Cars 3 was released in theaters last summer too! Kyle and I took the opportunity to take Jack to his first movie. It was such a fun memory to make, just the three of us, and one that he still talks about. He was so excited for his own little bucket of popcorn and getting his picture taken with his hero, Lightening McQueen, outside of the theater.

When it came to his celebration afterwards I knew it needed to be Cars themed, but wanted to go with something other than the racecar party motif. I took inspiration from the series and went with a retro diner/Route 66 theme instead- a nod to Radiator Springs if you’re a Disney fan! I love that the color palette was a little softer, but still boyish and there was a fun desert vibe perfect for Summer. It made food selection a breeze too. Sliders, french fries, classic cola and root beer floats made up a fun, yet simple menu.

I truly love making birthday cakes for my babies (hopefully it’s something special for them to look back on as they grow up, too!) and this one was no exception. A sprinkle cake with classic vanilla buttercream and simple toppers was perfect for my best little buddy’s big day. Looking forward to sharing some other ideas as we barrel toward age 4!